• One of the most imperative social needs we humans have today is to impact or impress the people around us. Because we live in a world where we are often required to give a positive projection about our person, we are looking for different ways to dazzle or surprise the individuals with whom we live day by day.
  • Whether in our family circle, professional or friends, we have all wished – at some point in our life – to excel and demonstrate our potential. Of course, it is likely that you and I, to a greater or lesser extent, being more or less discreet, have acted in a certain way to get the attention of that or those people that we consider important or meaningful.
  • However, it is important to understand that – a great majority of the time – in deciding to give a shocking impression about who we are, we can fall into swagger and ridicule. In fact, on many occasions we can cause a negative and unpleasant impression in the eyes of others but we take care of our words, actions and expressions.
  • Knowing what are some of those things we do to impress others by having the opposite effect will help us avoid bad experiences and misperceptions about us. So, next I share – my dear reader – only 5 of those terrible behaviors that we should all avoid without hesitation.
  • 1. Name recognized people and the relationship we have with them

  • This is one of the most common mistakes we make in our attempts to dazzle those around us. In a way, we believe that mentioning that we have known or treated some famous actor, politician or singer will give the impression of being superior to others.Unfortunately, we come to think that, boasting of the relationships we have with this type of people, makes us men and women more interesting and important.
  • However, the truth is that, with this kind of comments, beyond generating a good impression on people, we will give a superfluous and conceited image about ourselves.
  • 2. Trying to show our “authority or rank”

  • They say that what you see is not judged, however, on many occasions we do not understand this at all. On the contrary, we try to prove who we are or the authority we have through despicable and authoritarian actions that, beyond making us look good, project us as insecure and unreasonable beings.
  • Certainly, in our efforts to make ourselves respected by others, we lose sight of the fact that the greatest authority a person can display is one that is based on humility and simplicity.
  • 3. Talk about the things we own

  • Doing this will no doubt place us in the great section of materialistic people that there is in the society in which we live. In fact, to enumerate the houses, the carts, the trips, the bank accounts, the income that we have and others, will make us appear unhappy and empty people, more than happy and full people.
  • Whether we believe it or not, basing our conversations on the material things we possess or the amount of money we receive each month, is as absurd as boring for the people who listen to us.
  • 4. Talk about our achievements

  • Exposing to others the academic, professional or personal achievements we have obtained is another of the most frequent mistakes we have made. Believing that people can feel empathy or admiration for us by hearing that we have been promoted or that we have received honorable mention, we fall into the paths of conceit and self-indulgence.
  • It is curious, but beyond the fact that people regard us as trustworthy and truthful beings-when we hear of our own successes-they come to doubt our credibility.
  • 5. Talk about the effect we think we cause in people

Finally, it is important to clarify that saying phrases like “she admires me” “I like”, “everyone adores me” or “everyone hates me”, can have an unfavorable effect from the perspective of our interlocutors. Even taking into account what others believe or think about ourselves can be annoying, more than impressive, for those with whom we live daily.

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