• Intimacy in marriage is extremely important; The physical and emotional connection you achieve with your husband at those times are vital to your relationship, so it is important to know that you are enjoying it. Asking him if he likes, sometimes is not enough, you want to know for sure that he enjoys you as much as you do him. There are five undeniable ways to know this.
  • Women tend to be insecure in many aspects of our lives, and the bedroom may be one of those. It is one of those sensitive areas where you either do not dare to ask, or you simply prefer to ignore it by assuming the best or the worst. The thing is that intimacy in marriage works like a super glue that will give them extra points to keep the relationship on wheels.
  • How can you know?
  • 1. By the way he kisses you
  • Kissing is the most important element in the intimacy of a couple. Kissing is the starter of passion, and it is also the way in which both men and women show love.Kissing is the romantic part of intimacy.
  • If your husband kisses you passionately and for long periods of time is a sign that things are fine in paradise. And if the kisses have begun to disappear from your intimacy, it is important that you bring them back. When kisses in the mouth begin to become more sporadic, short and scarce, it is good that you take the initiative to put them back in the foreground of your relationship.
  • 2. Take your time
  • There is a physiological need that prepares the body of all hormonally to feel the need to have intimacy with the couple. This physiological part is individually the natural part of our species, when we add to that instinct the feelings of love, it is when our relationship is also based on bonds of love.
  • One of the ways to know if your husband enjoys being with you is the time he devotes to enjoyment. If it is just to meet your physiological needs, it will usually be fast and it will get to the point. If you enjoy the intimacy you have together, the longer you last, the better.
  • 3. He cares to know if you are enjoying it

  • When your husband worries about whether you are enjoying it, it is a sign that he is, and that is why he wants to know if you are also on the same page. This is a compliment, and you should feel good about it.
  • 4. Stay by hugging you
  • After having intimacy the body of both secretes a lot of endorphins (the so-called happiness hormone), this hormone is also known as the hormone of attachment. If your husband stays with you, and embraces you, enjoying your company, do not doubt that he has enjoyed you as much as you have him.
  • 5. Look into your eyes and tell you that he loves you
  • This part is probably the cherry in the dessert. If your husband tells you that he loves you by looking into your eyes, never doubt that there is a great connection between them, and he certainly enjoys you.
  • One of the secrets to maintaining the chemistry you had at the beginning is to never forget romance. It is the romance and the story that share together what will differentiate them from the rest of the couples in the world.

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