• Katy Perry released her new album, Witness, on June 9, and has since toured it through live streaming on her YouTube channel . This live broadcast showed the pop star participating in a variety of activities, ranging from rehearsals to yoga classes.
  • Something that viewers did not expect to see, however, is a personal video of Perry during a session with his therapist.
  • In the video, viewers could see a side of the pop star that people rarely see. While talking to her therapist Siri Sat Nam Singh, Perry breaks down and tears tears at her experiences when suicidal thoughts invade her, saying she wants to live a more authentic life.
  • “People talk about my hair, do not they? They do not like it or want it to be longer,” Perry said during his session. “I really want to be Katheryn Hudson, I do not even want to look like Katy Perry sometimes, and that’s a bit of why I cut my hair.”
  • Katheryn Hudson is the true name of Perry, while Katy Perry is her stage name.
  • During her session, she and Singh refer to Perry and Hudson as two separate beings. Perry refers to being glamorous, rich and happy, while Hudson struggles with more “sub-evolved” emotions.
  • When asked if he ever thought about committing suicide, Perry said yes.
  • “I feel ashamed to have those thoughts, I feel so depressed and depressed,” he said. “You can be well or be loved, I just want to be loved.”
  • Depression can affect anyone

  • More than 300 million people worldwide are affected by depression, according to the World Health Organization . Perry’s courage to open up over his struggles shows that even the rich and famous are not exempt from these statistics.
  • Depression can cause a major crack in someone’s life, including their ability to function properly at work, school and in the family. In the worst case, depression can lead to suicide. Almost 800,000 people die of suicide each year.
  • Of the people who die by suicide, more than 90 percent have a diagnosable mental disorder, but most are not diagnosed, according to the University of Washington .
  • Perry’s video helps others break the stigma against mental disorders and is not ashamed to seek help.
  • “If people can see at the end of the day that I am like them,” Perry said, “then they can dream so big.”


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