• In the lines of love there is nothing written, so let me tell you that infidelity can be part of the romantic plot, although many do not like how that possibility sounds.However, denying it does not make it invisible or frees you from happening at some point.
  • Of course I am not saying that all men and women who are bored or do not feel dissatisfied in their marriage will be unfaithful, since not all people have a tendency to be unfaithful. However, there are those who do and try not to be discovered.
  • One very interesting aspect regarding infidelity is that when a person chooses to have a relationship outside of their marriage it is very likely that they will build a more stable union with the one who is dating. However, it seems that that is not enough to leave your partner, why? Well, there are 3 reasons why this could happen, which I now share.
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  • 1. Marriage Offers Stability

  • Sad but true. Sometimes when a person gives in to the temptation to be unfaithful he does it because he feels that something is missing within his marriage and what he seeks is to satisfy that one need. Be it sexual activity, desire to be heard or any other lack.
  • Moreover, people who become unfaithful in their marriage have everything: economic stability, a family and love, so they will not give up any of that for an adventure that offers them to fill a single marital lack. He may seem selfish – and he is – because with both relationships he feels complemented but he refuses to risk what he has achieved at the expense of his partner or lover.2. Love your partner
  • Not because someone is unfaithful means that they no longer love their spouse, what has happened is that the dynamics in marriage has changed and, of course, perhaps years have passed since they met and got married. It is probable that the passion of the first years has been diminishing due to the routine, but very probably the love has not died and is far from that that happens.
  • When someone rises to infidelity, they are looking for a living feeling or covering some need they feel they can not achieve in their marriage, so they resort to an adventure that makes them feel refreshed, but does not seek love. That is why he does not leave his spouse.
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  • 3. Divorce is a headache

  • Yes, this also happens. A marriage can offer stability in many ways, so staying married gives you control over your life. He or she will choose how they will live their lives, but there will always be the risk of a divorce.
  • Divorce is a legal and emotional process that wears out the strength of anyone, implies loss of balance and control of one’s life, putting it in the hands of third parties. How to explain to the children, family, friends and acquaintances the reason for such a decision? It is certainly a waste of personal resources that few are willing to take.
  • Unfortunately, few think of this possibility when venturing into infidelity, but they risk even though they know they can be discovered and that can be the direct door to divorce.
  • If you are considering forgiving your partner for an infidelity, this article may be helpful: Would you forgive an infidelity? Some things to consider
  • Although there may be many more reasons why an unfaithful person maintains a double life, these seem to be the most obvious and common: they or they are only seeking to fulfill certain desires, even if it means living in the middle of deception forever.

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